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The Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz offer complimentary seminars providing timely and insightful information to help manage workers’ compensation costs.  We provide training on a wide variety of topics and can customize the subject to meet the needs of your organization.

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Featured Resources available upon request (click the image to request)

Claims Survival Index

Hands on training manual and reference guide for claims professionals.

Spending The Big Money

A Guide through Life Pension, COLA and Commutations

Super Cases!!

Super Cases!!

Workers’ Comp Basics

Workers’ Comp Basics

Additional Resources…

  • “New & Further” Benefits – Responding to Post-Settlement issues.
  • Jeopardy – Client focused training using game show format.
  • Petitions – An Overview! – Preparing and responding to Petitions.
  • Who’s Burden Is It Anyway? – Establishing and meeting the Burden of Proof in workers compensation claims.
  • Best Practices… – Employer focused training to understand workers compensation and limit exposure.
  • Discrimination in Workers’ Compensation Labor Code § 132a – Employer focused training to understand, address and defend discrimination claims in workers compensation.
  • Strategy Update!! – Claims focused training regarding current issues and strategies toward defending these issues.
  • 3600(a)(10) – Winning strategies for defending post-termination CT claims.
  • Managing Claims From The Employer’s Perspective – Employer focused training to understand workers compensation and limit exposure.
  • SB863 Just The Basics!! – Training and strategy update regarding workers compensation reform – SB 863.
  • DENIED – Strategies for evaluating and winning denied claims.
  • Workers’ Compensation An Overview!
  • The Doctor Deposition – Evaluating medical reports and determining when to conduct and what to expect from the doctor’s deposition.
  • Nuts & Bolts PD Rating “Signs & Symptoms” – PD rating essentials including application of the AMA Guides.
  • Where’s Comp?? In 2006 & Beyond! – Current issues and strategies in workers compensation.

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